Medical services from Fremantle’s reliable practice


At Canning Medical Centre, we provide a range of professional medical services, including:

The Travel Clinic – Travel Consultation and Vaccinations

We are now pleased to offer a travel vaccination service. We are able to provide you the most up to date accurate travel information and recommendations on vaccinations prior to your next holiday!

We stock all of the vaccines onsite and are able to administer them in the same consultation if this is your preference.

Patient recall

The doctor will either phone the patient or ask staff to make an appointment for the patient as soon as possible. If a patient cannot be reached by phone, a registered letter is sent to them. A copy of the letter and receipt of mailing is scanned into their file. If a patient cannot be contacted, the doctor will make a note in their file. Please make sure the medical centre has your current address and phone number.


When the medical centre is closed, we use the WADMS locum service to see our patients.

Locum telephone: 08 9321 9133

Other options you may wish to consider are Fiona Stanley and St John of God Murdoch Hospital Emergency Departments. Both of these hospitals are in Murdoch.

Children and babies

Toys are available in the waiting and doctors’ rooms. A changing table and other facilities for parents with babies are also available upon request.

Right to refuse treatment

Patients have the right to refuse treatment. The treating doctor will discuss this decision with the patient and will note in the patient’s file the reasons for refusal and any options discussed.

Right to a second opinion

Patients have the right to seek a second opinion. When doing so, the treating doctor will make a note in the patient’s file and, where needed, will provide a referral letter.

Request for medical records

When requesting medical records from another medical centre, the patient must sign a request for a medical information letter. This is copied and put into the patient’s file and the original is sent to the other medical centre.

Transfer of patient information

When a patient asks for their notes to be transferred to another doctor, they need to ask that doctor to send us a Release of Information letter signed by the patient. An administration fee is charged to transfer the file. On receipt of the Release of Information letter and payment of the administration fee, the file is printed off and sent to the requesting doctor.

Facilities for people with disabilities

There is a ramp at the front entrance for wheelchair access. Should you have any special needs, please discuss these with the receptionist or with your doctor.

Medical students

From time to time, medical students are attached to Canning Medical Centre to sit in with the doctors. You can be assured that all medical students are trained to uphold the strict medical ethics of confidentiality at all times. You will always be asked before seeing the doctor whether you’re willing to have a medical student present.

Patient feedback

Canning Medical Centre, from time to time, invites patients to complete a questionnaire on their views of the medical centre and how it could be improved. The surveys are confidential and help us to improve our services. We value your comments and ideas at all times and welcome any feedback you may wish to give.


While we believe complaints are best dealt with by the medical centre, you may prefer to contact the WA Government Centre at:

Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO) Free call: 1800 813 583


At Canning Medical Centre, your privacy and the privacy of your personal information is very important to us. Our doctors and receptionists will always be open and honest in all their dealings with you and will only collect information that’s absolutely necessary for us to provide quality medical care.

Any personal information that we do collect will be kept strictly confidential and it can only be accessed by authorised staff within the medical centre. We use and keep personal information in accordance with the 10 National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.

Reminder systems

At Canning Medical Centre, we offer patients a free reminder service, which will notify you when you need to come in for preventive health check-ups and is managed by our nurses.

These health checks include:

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Colonoscopy recalls
  • Diabetic reviews
  • Pap smear recalls
  • Patient care plans review
  • Other medical issues needing review as directed by the GP

Out of medical centre visits

If you’re too unwell to come into the medical centre, we’ll arrange a locum to visit you if you live in the local area. If at all possible, please phone before 10:00am to request the locum. Visits can also be arranged for patients in nursing homes.

Home and nursing home visits may be privately billed by the individual doctors as per the current fee schedule. Patients are asked to discuss these fees privately with the doctor. AMA fees are charged by the locum service and patients who are on a pension will be bulk billed. The locum service requires payment at the time of consultation, either by cash or cheque. Patients are asked to discuss these charges with the locum.